"Kuppam" means a 'Meeting Place' or 'Confluence', is situated where the states of Tamilnadu, Andhrapradesh, Karnataka meet. Set at the vertex of three thriving Regions, the citizens of kuppam, have obsorbed related Cultures, Customs and Traditions and as result, have evolved into an open Minded, Progessive Community.

Kuppam is a Mandal Headquaters of chittoor district with a population touches 3,00,000 (62,4000 house holds in five Mandal) with a literacy of 69%(Higher then that of nation) is a hub of education with the presence of a medical college Engineering college and a University including the polytechnic there are 10 juniors colleges and 14 schools in the area. The official language of kuppam is telugu through tamil and kanada spoken by relative minority.

Kuppam is located on Chennai-Bangalore Rail line. Bangalore is 105kn; while Chennai is 255km away. Almost all trains have a stop at kuppam(including super fast expresses Bridavan and lalbagh).

Kuppam is well connected by road almost a bus us there at every 45 minutes in all direction including to head quarters chittoor which is 115km away. The kuppam bus APSRTC terminal has 96 regular bus services, 10 private bus services in addition to the bus services run by Tamilnadu bus services and Karnataka state transport corporation.

Kuppam is know across the world formerly by sandalwood products and now by granite exports and a varity of stone is named after as “KUPPAM GREEN”.


Elevation:2188ft Time Zone: 1st (4TC+5:5:30)
Telephone area code:+91-8570
Located:Latitude 12'45"North. Longitude 78'20"East.


Hinduism is the major religion. The following are some of the famous temples in and around Kuppam.

  • Sri Prasanna Tirupathi Gangamamba Temple
  • Sri Peddapulli Gangamamba Temple
  • Sri Varadaraja Swamy Temple
  • Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple
  • Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
  • Sri anjaneyaswamy Temple mallanur


Kuppam is a major educational hub housing the kuppam Engineering College, Dravidian University, P.E.S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Dr.Y.C.James Yen Rural Polytechnic College, MFC GOVT College, GOVT VOCATIONal College and numerous degree colleges.

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