Natural curiosity can lead to serious electrical accidents. Find out what you should do and what you shouldn't do to keep you and your friends safe.

The Big DON'Ts .......

  • Don't put fingers or objects into an electrical outlet, toaster, or any other appliance, even it is off.
  • Don't use appliances and appliance cords near bathtubs and sinks.
  • Don't climb trees near power lines.
  • Don't fly kites or balloons around power lines. Electricity can travel down the strings of kites or balloons that become tangled in power lines and can cause fire or shock.
  • Don't ever try to remove anything from a power line. If you see something stuck in a power line, contact electricity call center (1912).
Electricity Safety for Children

The Big DO'S .......

  • Do use outlet plug covers.
  • Do only use balloons or kites in open areas, away from overhead lines. Keep metallic balloons indoors, as they are highly conductive.
  • Do tell an adult to call the power company if a toy gets into power lines or a substation. Never retrieve the toy yourself. An adult should call the power company to remove the toy.
  • Do stay away from places where you see "Danger - High Voltage", "Warning - High Voltage" and
    "Caution - High Voltage"
  • Do stay away from power lines, substations, and pad-mounted transformers, which look like short, metal storage cabinets on cement slabs.
Electricity Safety for Children