The basic aim of conserving electricity is to save energy cost. You will be surprised to know that, wasteful use of electrical energy costs us 25 to 30% of our energy bill, which could have been avoided had we taken adequate care.

Persons, who respect energy saving, do so from all angles i.e. from the building plan till purchase and use of electric appliances. It is note worthy to point out that, we can get the same benefit by proper use of the various appliances. As for an example, by reducing the frequency of opening of the refrigerator door, we can save energy. This seems to be trivial at the outset. But it is a fact. So we should be aware of the ways and means of conserving energy.

Your House Plan:

Please plan building your house in such a way that the various lay outs of the windows and doors etc. contributes to energy saving:

(1). Check for energy efficient home design:

See that you have selected a patch of land that is longest in the east-west direction.

If you are purchasing a flat, observe that the flat gets sunlight through windows, i.e. the house preferably faces north south.

The land selected by you should have clear access to north - called solar access.

Keep the living areas towards north and sleeping areas towards south.

East and west windows should be made small, so that they can get less heat of sun.

Make south facing windows opposite to the north facing doors or vice versa for cross ventilation.

Windows should have good curtains with close-fitting pelmets; so that heat during summer can be shaded and heat loss during winter can be prevented.

(2). Check for insulation:

The flow of heat into and out of your home can be controlled by properly insulating house, i.e.

  • Less outdoor heat penetrates your house during summer.
  • Less indoor heat escapes from your house during winter.

As a result of such a design, you save money since the cost of running air conditioners and room heaters is less in a well insulated home

(3). Cross-ventilation:

See that the design and placing of the windows and doors have been made assuring good cross-ventilation. Such ventilation keeps the rooms cool during summer nights.

(4). Landscaping:

- Plant trees and shrubs on the east or west so that summer heat is reduced to a great extent.

- Never plant trees near power lines.

- If possible provide a veranda on the east side, if you have a door on the east side to have an alternate entrance.

- Have north facing windows.

(5). Power points:

Make a good plan to fix up the power points and light points appropriately, so that you do not have to make changes in electrical installations which add to cost later on.

Our recommendations for power points:

  • Kitchen:
  • Four double points for:
    • Grinder, Oven, Hot plate, Fridge
    Lights: 2 points
    Exhaust fan: One
    Telephone point: One (may be considered)

  • Living Rooms (bed room):
  • Two double points for:
    • Air conditioner, room heater
    Lights: three (tube light 1, incandescent lamp 1, bed lamp 1)
    Ceiling Fan: One
    Plug points: three (TV, radio, mosquito repellant)
    Telephone point: One
    Antenna point: One

  • Drawing Room:
  • Three double points for:
    • Air conditioner, electric iron, room heater
    Light: Four (Tube light 1, incandescent lamp 1, pendant 2)
    Plug points: four (TV, radio, mosquito repellent, pedestal fan)
    Plug points: three (TV, radio, mosquito repellant)
    Ceiling Fan: Two
    Telephone point: One
    Antenna point: One

  • Wash Room:
  • Two double points for:
    • Geyser, washing machine
    Light points: 4 (Tube light 1, incandescent bulb 1, exhaust fan 2)
    • Light points: 3 (tube light 2, incandescent lamp 1)
    • Fan points: 2
    • Plug points: 2 (pedestal fan 1, lawn 1)

Before you purchase Electric Appliances (your checklist):

When you get ready to purchase Electrical Appliances for your household, meticulous planning helps a lot in saving power. You have to calculate the exact requirement in terms of size, power consumption vis-Ã -vis cost so as to decide the right appliance. Always purchase the electric appliance, which is energy efficient to conserve power. Please prepare a checklist and carry out the purchase. A sample checklist is given below for your reference.

  • Washing Machine:
    • Is it top-loaded or front-loaded(Front loaders are energy efficient).
    • Required dimension of the space to house the unit.
    • Capacity requirement for your household.
    • Does the machine has a timer(choose a machine with timer).
    • Energy rating and running cost.

  • Refrigerator:
    • Is the defrost cyclic or automatic(cyclic defrost are energy efficient).
    • Capacity requirement for your household.
    • Power consumption.
    • Size of the refrigerator storage space (allow at least 15cm air space around your refrigerator for heat removal).

  • Air conditioner:
    • Do you have ceiling insulation.
    • Capacity requirement with and without ceiling insulation.