Surprised by a higher than normal energy bill?

There are a number of reasons your bill could be higher than you expect.

  • Annual Seasonal Variation.
  • A long spell of hot summer weather increases most energy bills due to increase in consumption of electrical appliances like fans, refrigerators and air-conditioners.
  • Sudden increase in consumption due to seasonal changes ( by comparing the previous bill which registers lesser energy unit of winter season compared to your first bill received of summer season).
  • Global warming is a known fact. All over the World the temperatures have risen by 1 to 2 degree centigrade. This has increased the length of summer period.

Energy Consumption rises with increase in disposable Income of consumer

As technologies have developed and improved all over the world, newer and better appliances have been introduced in the markets.

This has increased purchases of latest appliances like ...........

  • Window air-conditioners replaced by Split air-condition units.
  • Small Refrigerators(165 liters) replaced by Big Refrigerators.
  • 330 /360 liters..2-doors etc.
  • Small regular lighting replaced by small decorative halogens.
  • Increased use of Computers and TV's.
  • Increased usage of Washing machines, Micro wave ovens and flour maker.


Festivals, Social functions and Religious rituals have been the culture and traditions of our society since decades. These occasions arises many a times in the year which effects the energy consumptions drastically.

It may be that you have live-in relatives, house guests, tenants during these occasions, hence you can expect higher energy use.

Longer than usual billing period

It may be that your energy consumption is not actually higher than usual, but that your energy bill covers a longer period of time.

Increase usage of Energy

Due to construction and development of high-rise buildings, apartments, multiplexes and complex there has been increase in usage of energy.

This is because:

  • Water tables and levels have gone down which means that increase in motive power water pumps and bore wells need to run longer to pump water. Hence longer and more use of pumps increases usage of energy.
  • Frequent use of lifts and maintenance lights.

Did you know?

Is your neighbor's bill lower ? No two homes are alike, and no two households have exactly the same energy-consumption patterns. Your house’s energy use depends on things like the type of heating , cooling and appliances. Even for two identically-built houses, the occupants will have different lifestyles, appliances and energy -using (or-saving habits).